Kenji Yamauchi Promoted to Editor

We are thrilled to announce that the lovely and talented Kenji Yamauchi is officially a Lost Planet Editor!

According to Kenji’s records, his journey at Lost Planet began on July 6, 2015, when he joined the company as an Assistant Editor. The fact that he remembers the specific date is a testament to his dynamic personality and the sensitive eye he brings to editing. As evidenced in his work on campaigns with Google, Samsung, AmEx, Budweiser, Comcast, AT&T (and more), as well as a music video he cut for Mumford & Sons, and two Shots-shortlisted PSAs on ALS, Kenji’s skill is in executing emotional storylines. In mere seconds, a spot cut by Kenji can pull out the tears and really make a viewer feel something.

Most likely, his superior ability to evoke all the feelings comes from his own personal experiences. “I moved to the United States [from São Paulo] six years ago all by myself. To be completely honest, I never had the dream to work abroad but when the opportunity at Lost Planet appeared, I jumped on it. It’s not easy being alone in a new country and looking back, if anyone had told me how taxes work I’d probably never have come, but I’m glad no one did, so here I am! And luckily, Lost Planet has felt like a home.”

“I hope I can continue doing great work at this company for years to come,” he added. “This is the place I learned the craft of video editing and it’s always a pleasure to work with such a talented crew! I’d like to thank everybody at Lost Planet who has helped me on this journey and by teaching me so much along the way.”

So what does this point of maturation in his journey mean? “Now that I’m an Editor, the best part is that my parents finally understand what I do for work.”

Check out some of Kenji’s work here.