Hank Corwin, Adam McKay: Car Commercial 419 in Deadline

“Everyone knows the car has a mythic place in America. Cars equal independence, adventure, success and on and on. But at some point in the past 18 months I kept seeing footage of cars in a way I had never seen before. So I called my editor Hank Corwin and we made this short or

9 Great Album Covers, Chosen by Jason Dopko of Lost Planet Editorial.

Muse by The Clio Awards’ “Art of the Album” provides an in-depth list curated by Jason, whose love for music was sparked by a record store with an incredibly diverse inventory while growing up in the Midwest. He says, “I was exposed to a lot of great music working at that store, and it shaped

Welcoming Kenny Shimm to the Lost Planet Editorial family! ✂️

We’re thrilled to have Kenny on board, whose fresh and relentlessly cool editing style and creative prowess come at an extremely exciting time. Shimm has worked on numerous commercials for brands like Air Jordan, Adidas, Michael Kors, KidSuper, and most recently, Rockstar. Additionally, he edited the sleek black-and-white films for 1800 Cristalino featuring R&B singer

Making the Grade: Steven San Miguel

“People want to work with people they like, so my goal is just to be friendly and positive. Filmmaking is probably the most collaborative creative medium, so I think of myself as just one of many collaborators serving the final product.” Black Hole Colorist Steven San Miguel joins LBBonline – Little Black Book for their

NFL Super Bowl “It Takes All of Us”

Capturing the essence of resilience and the untold battles within. 🏈   Game on, both on the field and beyond. Charlie Johnston edits “Mental Game” for the NFL and their Character Playbook, helping more than 2 million students build healthy relationships – Featuring NFL legend, Steve Young, the New York Jets’ Solomon Thomas and New York

Lost Planet Announces East Coast Representation: Commonwealth Reps

We’re excited to share that Lost Planet Editorial has signed with Commonwealth Reps for representation on the East Coast! The duo of Emily Friendship and Bess Howell exemplify an innovative approach to representation within advertising, boasting a remarkable roster of production and post companies. We’re looking forward to this partnership and seeing what’s to come

Lost Planet and Cabin: Storage for Spots

Felipe Kenji Yamauchi joins postPerspective in “Storage for Spots,” giving insight into the storage needs for TV spots, referencing the Google DeepMind piece he recently cut for YouTube. He shares that “planning the right storage is like ensuring you’re getting the right tires for your car.” Kenji also touches on the unusual career path that

Ad Age Highlights Bruce Herrman’s Home Depot Spot

There’s more than one way to go pro.  Bruce Herrman edits The Home Depot’s new campaign, shedding light on their innovative approach to addressing the trade labor gap. The thoughtful approach highlights the significant role of tradespeople and aims to inspire the next generation of skilled workers. Directed by Chris Sargent with Anonymous Content for

Winnie Cheung Presents Residency

Winnie Cheung’s debut feature, “Residency,” crosses over into the art world following a successful international film festival run. The docu-horror film will screen at the SCOPE Art Show during Miami Art Week 2023.  The film, as part of the “new wave of indie micro-budget genre features,” highlighted in Variety, is a blend of art and

Winnie Chueng Finely Sliced

“To craft emotion and mood, I had to admit to myself that I’m an emotional and moody person. This is often seen as a weakness in the world, but for an editor, it’s a superpower.” Lost Planet Editorial’s Winnie Cheung shares her wisdom within the industry with Little Black Book, illustrating how rhythm is woven

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