“Underdog” is Nominated For a Webby Award!

In a sort of meta, ironic twist, the Underdog spot we cut for Facebook Stories has come out on top with a Webby Award nomination for one of the internet’s best Social Media videos in Advertising, Media, & PR. Webby Awards celebrate the best of the internet, from websites to videos to podcasts, and we are honored to be nominated.

With creative led by Droga5, Underdog was one of three playful commercials Lost Planet editors cut in 2019 for the Stories Can Do It campaign, which showcased various ways Facebook stories can amplify businesses.

Underdog was edited by Epy Carrieri and is an unequivocally adorable and cheeky 15 seconds depicting disadvantaged dogs (old, skinny, blind) to highlight the value in brand storytelling. Watch the campaign below and vote for it to win a Webby Award! Voting for the 24th Annual Webby Awards is open until May 7th.