Saar Klein teams up with Here Be Dragons, Samsung, and 24 for a virtual reality firefight

Three minutes of immersive VR celebrates the return of 24 by letting you be your own Jack Bauer.

There are few things more captivating than strapping on a VR headset and letting yourself be transported into another world, but one of those things is watching other people interact with VR, and the many surprises thrown their way. Such is the entertaining case with this new Samsung campaign that aired during the Super Bowl, edited by Saar Klein, and in partnership with VR production company Here Be Dragons.

In the spot, users strap on the Samsung Gear VR headsets to live a three minute raid, essentially a prequel for the new series, which returned to television just after the Super Bowl. As CNET notes, “the experience puts you in the center of a military raid, with gunshots and explosions going off all around you. Everywhere you turn, whether your head’s up or down, you see US soldiers firing machine guns or terrorists spraying bullets.”

The actual VR experience is exclusive for Samsung, and available for users with the headset and a Samsung phone. Everyone can enjoy the spot above and tune in to watch 24: Legacy on Mondays on Fox.