Kia takes on the power of the Telluride

In Kia’s two spots showcasing its new Telluride model, the car brand gives viewers a glimpse of the vehicle in its element.

And it just so happens that its element is not unlike one of the most powerful animals we know: bulls.

“Yes” and “Run”, which were cut by Federico Brusilovsky and Jason Dopko respectively, take us to a ranch where bulls roam, giving us up close shots of the animals and the car to draw a direct comparison between the two.

“Yes” highlights the qualities that make up the Telluride; when designing the vehicle it wasn’t an either-or type of process. Muscular or sophisticated, down to earth or a work of art, ruthless or beautiful? They said yes to it all.

Much like the first spot, “Run” compares the ride of a Telluride to that of a bull—powerful, purposeful, and unstoppable.

Full of intrigue and prestige, both spots caught our eye immediately, so be sure to watch both of them above!