See Ya Never 2020

What a year! The internet is saturated in reflections about events that took place over the past 12 months, so instead of giving you our take on how the world has changed and prophesying about 2021, we surveyed the Lost Planet team to see how they’re handling month 57489337036 of quarantine, what they’re into, who they’re following and the 2020 edits they feel most proud of. Check out what they had to say below, and please have a happy, healthy, and safe end of the year!

Favorite Projects of 2020:

Danny Connor – The Biden ad! It was super fascinating seeing behind the curtain on how political ads are made, and I’m super proud to have worked on something so special and heartfelt!
Kenji Yamauchi – I had the opportunity to edit the NOLA Strong piece for Popeyes. Working for a great cause always energizes me through the process to make it the best it can be.
Casey Sincic – Biden’s Vote For campaign spot gained a lot of traction and was the sole reason he won.
Mike Sobo, Felix Cabrera  – Joe Biden’s Vote For
Charlie Johnston – Right at the beginning of the quarantine I cut a PSA that Liliana Vega and Emmie Nositz co-directed. We asked friends and artists to contribute their works, pictures and testimonials. To top it off, Found Objects composed a beautiful piece to accompany the stay at home message. We made a powerful spot. Better yet, we were using our expertise to fight the covid pandemic. But quickly thereafter, dozens of other PSAs and ads that used the genre of somber piano flooded the airwaves. A month or so into the quarantine, my friends Steve Mapp and Evan Slater from Caveat asked me to cut a parody of the then ubiquitous sad piano spot. That was a great spot, too. It was funny and cathartic and, best of all, it carried a message to support struggling small businesses.
Steven San Miguel – FDA feels like last year, but it’s between that and McDonalds
Isabel Gomez – Tough to say, but I think I’d have to say the Instagram/Facebook spot we did for the protest. The Pro Black Lives one. It was a great thing for our graphics guys to work on, and it stood for something great. It was also very current.

Favorite Movie of 2020:

Steven San Miguel – Late to this one, but Good Time
Isabel GomezUncle Frank because I actually went to see it at a drive-in that was set up in Queens as a quarantine date night. Plus it is a great movie.
Madi Emenheiser – I tried to watch more long movies this year, Casino and Stalker were two of my favorites. From movies released this year I think Shirley is my current frontrunner.

Favorite TV Show of 2020:

Danny Connor The Mandalorian Season 2 – the best! <3 Grogu
Kenji YamauchiCosmos: Possible Worlds. It’s astonishing that such a high quality science-based TV show can exist these days. Mind blowing.
Rachel Butler, Isabel GomezThe Crown
Casey Sincic – Quarantine finally gave me the opportunity to watch The Sopranos for the first time.
Mike Sobo – The End of the F***ing World
Felix – Too many shows to list. I should probably stop watching TV for a year.

Best Part of Quarantine:

Danny Connor – The end!
Kenji Yamauchi – Sweatpants joining the work attire.
Rachel Butler – More time outside.
Casey Sincic – Not having to take the subway.
Mike Sobo – Working with two little kids in a small Brooklyn apartment.
Steven San Miguel – Avoiding bad weather and being with my cat.
Felix – Lots of home cooked meals (mostly the boyfriend’s doing) and not getting home late from work because you’re already home! Can work in your jammies if you want.
Isabel Gomez – Honestly, working from home has been awesome. I’ve been able to spend more time with my grandmother who lives with me, and my fiancé.
PJ Fabbrini – Being with my dog.

Out of All the Cancellations, the Biggest Bummer Was…

Danny Connor – I was supposed to see the brand new musical Six in April… guess that’s not happening anytime soon.
Kenji Yamauchi – Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Studios Japan. Fingers crossed for next year! Or the next.
Rachel Butler – Movie theatres and shows closed.
Casey SincicThe Venture Bros.
Mike SoboGlow
Felix – Trump (JUST KIDDING!)
Isabel Gomez – I had to cancel a family vacation to Sicily.
PJ Fabbrini – A trip to Turkey.
Seyline Cuffy – My Greece trip was canceled 🙁

New Hobbies Picked Up During Quarantine:

Danny Connor – Wait we were supposed to do something productive during quarantine?
Kenji Yamauchi – Baking and making desert and sweets. Lots of them.
Rachel Butler – Sour dough (at first.. kind of gave it up when I moved/summer too hot for bread in small kitchen).
Casey Sincic – Guitar, but I’m not good.
Mike Sobo – Bread making, pizza making, carb eating.
Steven San Miguel – Deep frying.
Felix – Getting fat.
Isabel Gomez – I have started baking and cooking at home a lot more. I’ve also started playing video games a lot more.
Madi Emenheiser – Knitting! Currently making my cat a blanket.
Seyline Cuffy – I picked up power walking.

Favorite Social Media Follow

Kenji Yamauchi – Around six months ago this old lady started uploading almost daily videos of herself playing piano during quarantine. Nothing fancy, but just the perfect daily dose of heartwarming content.
Casey Sincic – AOC on IG/Twitter, because she’s the most effective politician I’ve seen explain progressive policies to a younger audience.
Mike Sobo – Slime Sunday on Instagram. A little naughty, artistically made, and very clever.
Felix – I have thoroughly enjoyed Brian Jordan Alavrez’s profile, specifically because of his invention of the character Marnie whose class we apparently all need to sign up for. Marnie was also just listed as one of the best pop culture things to get us through 2020.
Isabel Gomez – I would have to say Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson because his workout posts are insane and so are his cheat meals! And Of COURSE Cardi B because she is so funny.
PJ Fabbrini – Frank Prisenzano on Instagram for Italian cooking and tips.