Dressing for Quarantine with Rag & Bone

The passing of time has been one of the stranger parts of living through this past year. Lockdown is nearing the one-year mark but where did the time go? And why do concerts, seeing teeth, and formal office wear feel like hazy remnants from dreams that never really happened?

Everyone has commented on this bizzarro groundhogs day reality: psychologists, Fauci, George Clooney. But in the campaign for Rag & Bone’s spring/summer 2021 collection, dancers and real life couple Lil Buck and Ai Shimatsu dance it out in monochromatic athleisure.

Directed by Austin Peters, produced by Luigi Rossi and Francesco Rizzo, and edited by Bruce Herrman, Times Change uses Lil Buck’s signature choreography to go through the motions of a quarantined day or two or three or seven, at home.

“You always feel a responsibility when working with such talented people to utilize their abilities and performances as best as possible,” Bruce said. “It was a very collaborative edit with my director Austin. We worked closely throughout, bounced ideas off each other, and best of all had a great time doing it.”

Check out the spot below!