Women filmmakers come together for ‘Mama Jane’

There’s no more pivotal relationship in a woman’s life than her relationship with her mom. Mama Jane, a short film cut by Kimmy Dubé, explores just that.

Mama Jane, starring Constance Shulman (Orange is the New Black) and Jenny Donheiser, is a dramedy that explores the intricacies of the mother-daughter relationship through laughter, tears, and honesty. The film was written by Donheiser and directed by Lisa Maria Hall.

SLMBR PRTY, the production company behind Mama Jane, is a network of women in the industry who were inspired by the Women’s March on Washington to come together.

Watch the trailer, cut by Kenji Yamauchi, above, and look for the short film, cut by our very own Kimmy Dubé, later this year. In the mean time, you can see all of Kimmy’s work here.