Wishing you a very happy Banksgiving with Ally

At Ally Bank, nothing matters more than the customer. It’s one of the reasons why each and every customer service call ends with one simple and genuine question: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

In their most recent spot from Anomaly—which was cut by Charlie Johnston and features finishing by Black Hole—Ally goes one step further when it comes to customer care.

“Happy Banksgiving” brings us inside the Ally call center where employees go the extra mile to make a difference when asking that end-of-call question. From paying bills to kickstarting a family reunion, the special film is Ally’s ode to those who mean the most.

Weaving together touching moments from one state to the next, Charlie’s editing prowess coupled with Black Hole’s touch harnesses that true power of putting the customer first.

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