Watch MTV’s “Elect This”

In an impassioned election season, the one thing you can count on is a solid rallying cry from MTV to get out the vote.

Charlie Johnston edited the new campaign for MTV, which centers on the issues rather than the individuals that are dominating this election season. MTV does justice to their long history of Rock the Vote campaigns throughout the past two decades in this new rallying cry aimed at getting audiences to the polls.

The anthem spot builds on the momentum of “Elect What? Elect This!”, perfectly complemented by a series of visuals that reflect the biggest issues afflicting the nation, from terrorism to economic crises to immigration to reproductive rights to health care. The spot initiates a larger campaign roll out for MTV which includes a partnership with, a short form series satirizing puppet politics, a short form animated series centered on polling data, and a collaboration with Tumblr to highlight key moments heading up to the presidential election.

Watch the spot above.