“Typical Americans” the Budweiser Super Bowl Spot

A Super Bowl spot for a brand as universally-known as Budweiser is a major platform. The messaging and creative for those 60-seconds reaches tens of millions of viewers, which means the tone needs to be broad, compelling, and heartwarming to really make an impact. This year’s Budweiser campaign, Typical American, succeeds in achieving just that.

Budweiser described their campaign as “showcasing the extraordinary people that represent the best of America”. It was an extraordinary lineup behind the scenes as well; the spot was directed by the Academy Award-winning Kathryn Bigelow, edited by Ben Rodriguez, with creative direction by Hank Corwin, in collaboration with David Miami, Stalkr, and finishing by Black Hole.

While the campaign is cut with footage of Americans doing typical things, just as the title suggests, the sarcastic narration adds a welcome humorous note. A fireman putting out a fire is referred to as “a typical American showing off his strength,” a good samaritan pushing a car stuck in the snow is deemed “a typical American touching other people’s things,” a soldier surprising his father is labeled “a typical American showing up uninvited.” The jokes continue, leading up to the National Women’s Soccer League celebrating their World Cup victory with the typical American beer, Budweiser.

Football aside, we’re proud to have worked on this spot. Check it out above, and see more of Ben’s work here, and more of Hank’s work here.