There’s only one like an Airbnb host

No matter the country, city, or time spent in your destination, a stay at an Airbnb is an experience and entrance into another world—the world of each host, that is.

From the detailed touches in the bedrooms to the shared moments over meals, it’s about the elements of personal care that make each Airbnb experience one to remember. It’s this spirit Airbnb aimed to celebrate in their recent campaign.

The anchoring spot for the campaign cut by PJ Fabbrini, “Host Chorus”, set the stage for the recently released spots that dive deeper into the stories of individual hosts.

Federico Brusilovsky cut three of the host-centered spots—”Christelle’s Farmhouse,” “Marcus and Damon’s Boutique Hotel,” and “Cándida and Jeff’s Beach Bungalow“—and PJ Fabbrini edited “Nancy’s Victorian Room”.

Each spot tells a larger story around the hosts and their spaces, tying together tradition, personality, DIY invention, and so much more. Because while there are millions of Airbnb hosts, there’s only one like Christelle; only one like Cándida and Jeff; only one like Nancy; and only one like Marcus and Damon.

Check out the work on PJ’s reel and Federico’s reel for more!