The Glass is Half-Full for the Dairy Industry

As much of the world has been isolated in some variation of lockdown for over five months now, disrupting day-to-day life as we knew it, everyone is thirsty for a rich dose of glass half-full positivity.

The latest ads released in step with the newly revived got milk? campaign serve up exactly that. Lost Planet’s Charlie Johnston edited the charming spots, which feature a mock news program targeted at kids called Glass Half Full News. The commercials are cut to mirror real news programs as the spots jump between the host and various pandemic-themed segments, such as surviving in the wild, a.k.a the backyard, and lockdown learning…it turns out Mom’s hair color isn’t quite what it seemed.

The got milk? revival comes six years after the dairy industry retired its famous two-word slogan. After years of declining demand, the dairy industry has experienced major spikes in sales, thanks to kids spending way more time at home than they did prior to the pandemic. It may be glass half-empty news for parents, but it’s glass half-full news for the dairy industry.

Check out the english spot here:

And the spanish spot here: