Saar Klein gets ‘Shanghai Fast’ for Nike

The latest out of Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai elevates an ordinary run to an extreme adventure.

A Nike-clad runner follows mysterious figures through the streets of Shanghai in a new spot for the athletic giant. After a disappointing first run, she’s greeted by others who lead her on a fast-paced adventure and help her shave nearly 40 seconds off her time.

As AdAge pointed out, director Nicolas Winding Refn is known for showing off the seductiveness of cities, and ‘Shanghai Fast’ is no exception. The spot is the second recent collaboration between Nike, Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, and Lost Planet, with Hank Corwin having cut the Michael Mann-directed “You Can’t Guarantee a Win, but You Can Guarantee a Fight.”

Watch the spot above and see all of Saar Klein’s work here.