Saar Klein and Federico Brusilovsky cut new spots for Nest Cam IQ

Two of our editors tag-teamed a new campaign for Nest, which offers thoughtful products for the home. Saar Klein edited the 30-second spot “The Clever Thing for your Everything,” with Federico Brusilovsky cutting the corresponding five :15s.

The first spot, cut by Saar, sets the scene for the campaign with a beautiful overview of the home. From a record collection, to the pictures hanging on the walls, and the furniture that make a house a home, Saar cuts together a spot that shows the true importance of the Nest Cam IQ by protecting those elements that are so valuable.

The next five spots, cut by Federico, dial in on specific areas of the home, like a collection of bikes, to children’s homes, to the family dog. Leave it to an adorable canine to drive home (pun intended) the brand’s message of being “the clever thing for your everything,” in these playful, yet compelling spots.

The full playlist of spots can be found here and you can check out Klein and Brusilovsky’s reels, as well.