Quarantine Update From Lost Planet’s NYC Office

We surveyed our New York office to see how our east coast crew has been spending their time in quarantine. We discovered a lot of Netflix, adventurous cooking, and tiny painted gems hidden around a neighborhood park. Check out the recommendation hit list below!

Kenji – Money Heist Season 4, the wife and I binge watched it.
Felix – The Masked Singer, don’t judge me.
Lizzie – #1 Ozark fan reporting in. I also watched Tales From the Loop and The Expanse, both super good.
Charlie – Amazon aired the original one woman play Fleabag for $5, proceeds went to a Covid charity.

Other shows our team is watching and loving:

Babylon Berlin – Krystn, Charlie
Breaking Bad – Krystn
Fauda – Charlie
Fraud – Krystn
Last Kingdom – Krystn
My Brilliant Friend – Rachel B
Narcos – Krystn
Peaky Blinders – Krystn
Star Trek: Picard – Felix
The Morning Show – Felix
The Wire – Krystn
Tiger King – Felix
True Detective – Krystn
Tunnel – Krystn
Unorthodox – Felix
Vienna Blood – Krystn
Westworld – Danny, Felix

Kenji – Police Story 3, guilty pleasure. This Jackie Chan is the best Jackie Chan.
Krystn – Badlands, one of her husband’s favorite films.
Reggie- Uncorked, deals with wine and ribs!!! Great story.

Food + Beverages
CS – I’ve got big ambitious plans for some simple soba noodles.
Felix – Lots of wine and cocktails. Reiterating lots of wine and cocktails.
Charlie – Costco gin, if you can find it, works quite well in a G&T.
Steven – Bread and pizza

Danny – Quibi
Felix -Home workouts on Instagram interestingly enough.
Chris Walsh – I walk the dogs every day to/from one of our town parks. Within the park along the trails, I’ve ‘found’ these little gems that have been left for kids to discover. An Easter egg hunt of sorts. There are new ones every day.