Q&A with Krystn Wagenberg – A 2019 Wrap Up

We sat down with Lost Planet Executive Producer Krystn Wagenberg to chat about the highs of 2019 and what is ahead in 2020.

Q: What work from 2019 are you most proud of?

A: I am biased as I am a huge fan of basketball and the NBA. We were able to secure multiple campaigns for the NBA through Translation this year. One of my favorites is the holiday spot edited by Bruce Herrman. We were able to partner with director West Sarokin and have Jane Studios handle all of the special effects, CGI, and compositing out of our LA office. We housed West in our NY office, allowing us to work closely through the process. It is extremely rewarding for me personally when you have A-level talent all around creating something awesome.

Q: What is something you learned in 2019 that you want to keep with you moving into next year?

A: In my opinion, there is still a sufficient amount of good :30/:60 commercial and branding content work that needs to be cut. Many other editorial shops are now combining production, editing, and multiple areas of final finishing to go after the longer format branding work direct to client or agencies. In my experience, there will always be that top-level creative :30/:60 campaign needing to work the best talent outside the “in house model.” We have continued to be successful with our talent, relationships, and reputation as a well-oiled machine. Our goal is to make sure all our clients can sit back and enjoy the magic after all that hard work in getting to this final stage.

Q: What inspired you creatively, or otherwise, in 2019?

A: The vast amount of talented young directors and creatives in our market. It is critical that you stay current with the younger side of the industry in order to survive. After decades in the business, an obsession for sneakers along with the influence of street culture keep me fresh.

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

A: Continuing to work with the best group of people we have assembled at Lost Planet. Everyone is all in which makes a huge difference. There is no time for complaining and lack of energy.