PJ Fabbrini talks new full length documentary ‘Until There is Peace’

PJ Fabbrini is cutting a new documentary about UN Peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The DRC is home to the largest UN Peacekeeping mission in the world. The 2nd largest country in Africa is under siege by 42 active rebel groups.

Until There Is Peace, directed by Melonie Kastman, follows a special group of Peacekeepers from Malawi, South Africa and Tanzania, known as the Force Intervention Brigade. The film offers a ground floor view of this combat force, with an intimate look at their everyday lives protecting the local population under extreme and difficult circumstances.

The film’s stunning visuals and original music provide a unique experience of the journey towards peace – the boundless determination of the Peacekeepers and the unbreakable spirit of the Congolese.

Our own PJ Fabbrini was originally brought on to cut the trailer for the film, but his role grew when the director asked him to cut the full film. “I started just cutting a kind of promo piece for it, and the director and I worked well together so she asked me to cut the whole thing and I was thrilled to,” he said.

Check out the trailer above and watch this space for more information on where you can see the film when it becomes available.