Mike Sobo Cuts BJ Wholesale’s Spot Featuring Artist Todd Selby

With stay-at-home orders in place, a lot of people agree that prepping dinner is the most thrilling part of each day. A lot of people are also tired of cooking for their families night after night. Especially those with little kids, quarantine can feel like a nonstop cycle of prepping and cleaning.

The mess and the fun of it all is captured in What’s For Dinner? a charming 30-second spot Lost Planet’s Mike Sobo cut for BJ’s Wholesale Club to advertise their family-size packs available for grocery delivery or pick-up. Created by Terri & Sandy, the campaign features artist Todd Selby and his wife at home during quarantine, simultaneously enjoying and struggling to keep up with the snack requests, the messy meals, and the constant activity demanded by their two young children. 

Mike’s quick cuts between spilled milk, dropped egg yolks, meals cooking, a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink, and energetic kids perfectly demonstrate the increased meal needs we currently have. Even though most of us are grocery shopping in bulk, doesn’t it always feel like there is something else we need from the store? Weird times.

Check out the spot below and click here to see more of Mike’s work.