Lost Planet’s team effort for Prudential

It’s not unusual to see two or three Lost Planet editors team up for a project. But the recent Prudential campaign upped the norm, bringing together five of our editors. Yes, you read that correctly. Five.

Jay Rabinowitz, Charlie Johnston, Bruce Herrman, Ben Rodriguez, and Mike Sobo lent their editing eyes to Prudential’s “The State of US,” a campaign that sets to explore the financial challenges around the US, working to uncover what financial wellness means and how we can achieve it in 2018. From the smallest town in America to the place with the highest life expectancies, every city has a story. The various spots tap into the unique factors of the local, illuminating how it defines the country as a whole.

You can view the entire series of films here, read more buzz about the campaign here, and explore more of the editors’ work here!