Kenji Yamauchi cuts an alternative Oscars speech for Samsung and Wieden+Kennedy

Samsung and Wieden+Kennedy put the new makers front-and-center in a new campaign starring Casey Neistat that aired during the Academy Awards and edited by our own Kenji Yamauchi.

Known for his prolific videos on YouTube, Casey Neistat is the perfect person to praise a different kind of filmmaker in the spot, which begins with the vlogger proclaiming, “allow me to introduce the rest of us.” It all ties into the brand’s larger “Do what you can’t” campaign, as Neistat continues, “We’re the makers, the directors, and the creators of this generation… We know it’s not the size of the production that matters, it’s what we make.”

In speaking with AdAge, Samsung USA Chief Creative Officer Jesse Coulter elaborated on this idea: “The Oscars represent the pinnacle of celebrating filmmakers, making it the ideal backdrop to showcase this spot and acknowledge the other incredible makers, creators, and directors of this generation that may not have otherwise been celebrated. We specifically want to celebrate, acknowledge, and inspire this generation of makers, creators, and directors; those use creativity and technology everyday to share their ideas.”

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