Jay Rabinowitz, Saar Klein, and Mike Sobo cut Cadillac’s rousing campaign for the Oscars

Cadillac’s latest campaign, which includes the stunning ad “Carry,” premiered during the Oscars telecast last night.

The film begins with stark images of protests from the civil rights era and transforms, under purposeful and optimistic narration to depict moments of humanity, overcoming odds, and unity.

As AdAge writes, “The ad is ‘neither a political or social statement,’ said Melody Lee, Cadillac’s director of brand marketing. ‘It is simply a celebration of the incredible American spirit, and of a country that when united, inspires, enables and achieves.”

The New York Times describes the spot as “evok[ing] a heritage of working together to overcome challenges and divisions – and places a luxury car within that tradition.” “Carry” is a part of campaign that includes four spots, all edited by our own Saar Klein and Mike Sobo, with Jay Rabinowitz cutting the anthem, that speak to Cadillac’s “future design direction, innovation past and future, and its performance heritage,” Forbes notes. The spots from Publicis New York (“Carry”) and Rokkan (“CTS-V,” “Pioneers,” “Pedestal”) mark a continuation of the brand’s Dare Greatly campaign that premiered at the 2016 Oscars ceremony.