Jay Rabinowitz cuts “My Cloud Home” out of RGA for Western Digital

“My Cloud. My rules.” rings out at the end of “My Cloud Home” for Western Digital, cut by Jay Rabinowitz, with creative by RGA and direction from Dave Meinert. The spot features professional climber and photographer Jimmy Chin, best known for his award-winning documentary covering a treacherous climb up one of the world’s largest peaks, Meru.

Chin narrates the spot as we watch his ascent, filled with a perfect mixture of gorgeous landscapes and intimate close-ups. At the end of the day, he uploads his photos to the Western Digital cloud where they’ll be safe and accessible when he needs them, allowing him to focus on his surroundings. The Western Digital service is the ideal companion for Chin, who is just as much a documentarian as he is an avid climber.

Watch the spot above and check out Jay’s reel here.