Jason Dopko cuts Neil Young’s “Mountaintop”

Let’s hope your calendar is free come October 22nd, because Neil Young is bringing fans a film event unlike any other with “Mountaintop.”

The documentary captures the making of his upcoming album “Colorado,” going behind-the-scenes as Young creates his first studio album with Crazy Horse in seven years. If the trailer tells us anything, it’s that the documentary is going to be a favorite for fans and music-lovers alike.

Cut by Jason Dopko, the film serves up a jolt of energy from the very beginning. From moments inside the studio that give way to riffs and melody breakthroughs to recording sessions ripe with inspiration, it’s a story of music, attitude, and creative process through and through.

The film, which was directed by Bernard Shakey, will hit select movie theaters nationwide on October 22nd, and three days later, “Colorado” will arrive.

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