Hank Corwin cuts a spot from the future for AT&T

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to spots centered around texting and driving? AT&T’s latest will make you rethink that claim.

Edited by Hank Corwin and directed by Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow, the spot puts forth a message against texting and driving, only this time, it comes with a futuristic twist. The scene is set with a similar image: a family driving; dad is texting. We’re expecting the worst, until the car turns out to be self-driving, giving us a film that works as both a warning as well as a look into the exciting future—it’s an entirely different type of distracted driving narrative.

Anchored in AT&T’s efforts around ending the dangerous act of texting and driving, “It Can Wait” simultaneously speaks to their impressive 5G network that may make self-driving cars a reality, making distracted driving a simple relic of the past. But until that day comes, sending that text while driving can wait. Want to join in on AT&T’s pledge to end distracted driving? Check out more of their It Can Wait efforts here.

Read a bit more about the campaign and take a look at Hank’s reel, here.