Hank Corwin Cuts a New Take on USMC Recruitment

We are all searching for purpose; whether it is in our social circle or our community, being a part of something bigger than ourselves is a fundamental part of the human experience.

This is the theme of Battle to Belong, the newest recruitment campaign for the United States Marine Corps. Aimed at a generation that is simultaneously isolated and always connected, Battle to Belong focuses on the importance of growing roots and finding purpose during an era that almost exclusively values individuality.

In addition to a new take on the type of story the Marine Corps uses to recruit, the campaign boasts an all-star, academy award winning creative team including director/cinematographer Wally Pfister, composer Hans Zimmer, and Lost Planet’s Hank Corwin.

“This is unusual military advertising; it speaks to a young person who is negotiating his or her way towards adulthood in a world that lacks both deep social connections and meaning,” said Randy Shepard, Director of Strategy at Wunderman Thompson Atlanta— the agency who produced the campaign— in an article by Marketing Communication News.

The Marine Corps’ central narrative comes from a summit held in 2018. Military planners, journalists, and academics met to discuss the obstacles involved in recruiting the next eligible generation. Data gleaned from the summit reinforced that this up and coming generation of recruits still craves connection and comradery even if they are known to hide behind their digital devices.

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