Hank Corwin and Saar Klein discuss “The New World” for the Criterion Collection

In honor of its ten year anniversary, The Criterion Collection released a special edition of Terrence Malick’s The New World. In a brand new featurette, editors Hank Corwin and Saar Klein break down some of the challenges of working on the film, how they placed their focus on conveying naturalism, and the powerful role of music within the film.

Hank begins, “Editors by their very nature are very goal oriented… We try to make sense of something that makes no sense… We try to create a structure where there is no structure.”

With Saar by his side, the featurette was shot at the Lost Planet offices. The two editors dive into their working history, from Saar assisting Hank on JFK, to Saar’s first job with Malick on Endurance, to finally the opportunity to work together on The New World.

Terrence Malick’s radical and totally unique approach to directing provides much of the backdrop for the editors’ discussion, as well as the cinematography of multiple Academy Award winning DP Emmanuel Lubezki. As Hank says in the featurette, the film ultimately changed the way he looked at the world because it changed the way he looked at film.


The full featurette in addition to the new first cut and 4K digital restoration of the extended cut of the film are available in the Criterion Collection set. Other special features include interviews with stars Colin Farrell and Q’orianka Kilcher, a special making-of documentary, trailers, and a book featuring an essay from Tom Gunning and an interview with Lubezki. Find out more information on The Criterion Collections The New World here.