Get to Know: Epy Carrieri

From a young age, Epy Carrieri had a love for storytelling.

Epy grew up in Milan, Italy and moved to New York 10 years ago, where he now works out of the Lost Planet New York office. In this most recent interview from our Get to Know series, he filled us in on how he got his start, his love for a good challenge, and life outside of the editing bay.

Where are you originally from?

I grew up in Milan, Italy – an industrial city that has the economic power, second most populous place in the country, and, I guess, fashion capital. I came to the States almost ten years ago to work on a documentary about traditional tattoo artists. After the project finished, I decided to move to New York for good and continue to work on various independent film and documentary projects.

How did you get your start in editing?

I always knew I wanted to work in video and film in some capacity. Since an early age, I loved watching classic Italian movies. Most of my favorite films, such as “The Conformist”, “Blow Up,” and “Zabriskie Point” had a unique style due to a process of re-writing the script during the editing stage. This unusual juxtaposition of images, far from the most academic rules of film, motivated me to learn more about the creative process behind editorial. So I started experimenting with linear editing using two video tape recorders, a small editing control unit that needed constant troubleshooting, and lots of trial and error. I can say I learned from the very get-go to appreciate the amount of patience, dedication, and perseverance that is needed to be an editor.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on and why?

‘Experiences Are Priceless’ for Mastercard was a fun project. It was shot entirely in Brazil, which meant a huge variety of diverse footage and audio elements. The real challenge was to find a way to include every one of them while conveying that feeling of spontaneity and magic you get while traveling. Challenging, but, at the same time, rewarding.

I also enjoy working on rips and pitches. There is something deeply satisfying about re-using and recycling already existing shots and archival footage. Giving footage new life in a new context can completely transform its meaning.

Is there a particular type of project or challenge you’re drawn to?

Pushing boundaries. Avoiding complacency at all costs. These are the challenges I am drawn to. More than what makes an edit work I am still fascinated by how it works, the process. How there is something more than a blind inspiration, known often as “blind luck”. It has cadence, rhythm, calculations, sometimes even numbers. Working at Lost Planet made me understand better what lies underneath the creative process of an editor and I consider myself very lucky to work with editors like Hank, Jay, and Saar.

What do you like to do outside of the editing bay?

Traveling and recording the sounds of the environment. Hiking and trying new food and meeting new people. When at home I like to listen to records, preferably in front of a wine and, of course, a good brick oven pizza.

See all of Epy’s work by checking out his reel here.