Get to Know: Charlie Johnston

Charlie Johnston is a Lost Planet mainstay.

Having edited spots for the likes of AT&T, American Express, and MTV, music videos for The White Stripes, and branded content alongside directors from Michel Gondry to Paul Hunter to Malik Sayeed and Robert Logevall, he’s an experienced editor with no shortage of great work, like this spot for Jack Daniels:

For the latest edition of our Get to Know series, we asked Charlie about what lead him to find his love for editing.

“I tried many different jobs when I first got to LA. But when I was fired by Tom Arnold I had nowhere else to go except editorial. Luckily, I knew the first assistant who was crewing up for Oliver Stone’s U-Turn. I was hired knowing nothing of post production. In an act of extraordinary generosity and patience, Hank explained to me his approach to editorial while cutting dialogue between Sean Penn and Jon Voight. It was during that hour long education that I realized I found what I loved. When the movie ended I walked over to Lost Planet and conned them into hiring me. I’ve been here ever since.”

We love having a talent like Charlie on our team. Check out his reel here, always being updated with the latest and greatest.