Everyone Can Play Stadia

“Stadia is now free to try for everyone. No downloads. No updates. No waiting. Just drop in and play your favorite games instantly.”

Google’s cloud gaming service delivers this message in their latest ad, cut by Lost Planet’s PJ Fabbrini. The energetic spot informs fans that the video game streaming service is now offered with a two-month free trial on any phone, tablet, computer, television, or pretty much any digital device you already own, except for the microwave. PJ cut together scenes from some of the popular games available to play on Stadia, such as PubG, Destiny 2, and Doom Eternal. From a basketball game to driving a tractor, robots fighting or soldiers in combat, the diverse scenes and settings PJ included really show that Stadia offers something for everyone.

Check out the campaign below and click here to see more of PJ’s work.