“Dimensions” of NBA Magic

As Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard jumps up, throwing the ball into the hoop, the arena becomes awash in retro, neon colors and the player’s blue jersey turns white.

“Once the ball is tipped, everything is up in the air,” says the narrator in our latest spot for the NBA, titled “Dimensions.”

Mike Sobo brilliantly edited the 30-second commercial, which has animation, visual effects, and finishing done by Black Hole, and color by Color Collective.

Thanks to Mike’s super tight editing, all the components – from coloring to the special effects, from the game footage to the narration – came together in a cohesive way that depicts the layers of a great shot. Special effects multiplied a single body to show the flow of positioning involved. The animations liken the players to super-humans flying in and out of alternate universes, and Mike’s quick cuts tie it all together to capture the thrill and magic that can happen when watching a good basketball game.

“There’s no telling who will rise to the occasion, who will come out on top, or who will raise the bar for everyone else. On any given night, they can make the unbelievable impossible to forget.” As the title says, it’s all about the dimensions!

Watch the spot below and check out more of Mike’s work here.