Deus Ex Machina has a need for speed

We don’t just experience speed—we feel it. Whether you’re biking downhill, cruising over 75, or running the biggest race of your life, there’s no denying that intoxicating feeling around speed.

Deus Ex Machina Motorcycles—the experts in speed—brought this concept to life in Jeff Zwart’s short film “Extremity” by capturing an iconic car racing away. But it’s not just any car—it’s a 1949 belly tank Lakester.

When reflecting on the process, Federico Brusilovsky noted that one of his highlights was working with such a captivating story.

It was interesting to bring the idea of the back story of the tanker and the war through sound—building the relationship between the tanker and its history, and the sense of freedom with the dog.

The film explores the essence of speed and what it truly means, working to celebrate the freedom to dream and go fast. Because when you’re in that moment speeding across the land by foot, by bike, by motor—there is no separation. Speed becomes an extremity of yourself.

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Feature image courtesy of Deus Ex Machina.