Connecting Families This Holiday Season

Hey Google, play the new spot cut by Saar Klein.

This holiday season, Google is teaming up with the USO to help families stay connected. While approximately 200,000 military families will spend the holidays apart, Google is spreading the holiday cheer by providing these families with Nest Hubs.

As demonstrated in the heartwarming spot cut by Saar, the smart home assistant can function as a digital photo frame, and when set as a slideshow, the Nest can help ease the distance between loved ones.

Saar’s campaign tells the stories of three mothers who use the Nest to ease the loneliness and longing they feel as their significant others are deployed. Thanks to the digital photo album capabilities of the Nest, “no matter how much time apart,” says one of the featured mothers, “we’re always going to be a family.”

Watch the touching video above, or click here.

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