CLIF Bar’s celebration of delicious

We’ve all been there. Hunger strikes and you’re faced with the ultimate decision: grab the nutritious snack or go for indulgence. Fortunately, CLIF delivers on the goods that are both healthy and delicious.

Charlie Johnston and Director MAPP joined forces to bring us five spots for CLIF—”Sportsball,” “Roman Bath,” “Double Up,” “What the Granola,” and “Here to Help,” each highlighting the healthy yet indulgent duality inherent in their products.

One of our favorites is “Sportsball,” where we see a triumphant sports game win with a twist. Watch for yourself below:

Each spot playfully showcases the ingredients of the products, capturing what makes CLIF stand out on the shelf and beyond. The spots are a celebration of the CLIF Bar brand—we think you are gonna like them a Whole Lotta.

View more of Charlie’s work by checking out his reel.