Charlie Johnston’s “The Diehards” wins a Clio

If there is one thing Bostonians are known for, it’s their undying love for their sports teams—especially when it comes to the Boston Bruins.

In “The Diehards,” which was cut by Charlie Johnston last year during the Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup run, we meet the army of diehards that stand by their team through the highs and lows that each season brings to truly define what it means to be a fan.

Having raked in a wave of buzz last year, the spot has only continued to capture the attention of sports fans and industry individuals alike—and now it has a Clio win to tout.

The spot was awarded a Silver Clio for Integrated Campaign at the 2019 Clio Sports. “The Diehards” won within the Teams, Leagues, Governing Bodies, & Associations category, which seems only fitting for the lively fan-focused spot that pays tribute to those with hockey in their blood.

Whether you’re the lunatic, the screamer, or the comfortable commentator, any and all fans who watch will certainly relate. Give the spot a watch and congrats to Charlie and the team!