Bruce Herrman cuts set of spots for The Hartford

The latest set of spots from The Hartford highlight their leading power in small business insurance by bringing in their historic icon: The Hartford Buck.

The campaign, “Nothing Small,” features three spots cut by Lost Planet’s Bruce Herrman, all of which showcase three small business owners that The Hartford Buck can’t help but celebrate.

Each spot crafts a narrative with a distinctly unique point of view. In “Nothing Small About a Barber,” viewers are brought into the barber shop of a man who isn’t just a barber—he’s a master of hair. The Hartford Buck continues his voice over before introducing himself and driving home the new tagline for the brand: The Buck’s Got Your Back.

Be sure to check out “Nothing Small About an Accountant” and “Nothing Small About a Baker” as well! To see more from Bruce Herrman, take a look at his reel right here.