Bruce Herrman and Kim Dubé bring SAVOR.WAVS to Chipotle

The new spot from Chipotle takes the taste of a burrito to your ears with SAVOR.WAVS, the new immersive audio and visual experience inspired by Chipotle’s fresh ingredients.

Bruce Herrman and Kim Dubé cut the spots for the new campaign, showing off the sights and sounds of Chipotle’s 51 ingredients. The tracks, produced by RZA, bring each ingredient to life and combine to make a tune that sounds as fun as your burrito tastes.

The spots showcase these sounds along with a simple set of nothing but real ingredients and records on the walls. The visuals are clean, allowing the musical journey to stand out through visual and audio every time a bite is taken.

The new campaign includes remixes from Wu-Tang Clan, The Head and the Heart, AWOLNATION, and more that can be found on Spotify and Soundcloud. You’re even rewarded for creating your own mix with a Buy One Get One Coupon sent to your phone upon completion, according to AdAge.

Check out the spot by Bruce here or above.