Andrea MacArthur and Kim Dubé edit BBDO’s new spots for HP

Two Lost Planet editors were at hand to cut a brand new campaign out of BBDO. Andrea MacArthur and Kim Dubé lent their editorial skills to highlight the latest and best for HP.

Andrea MacArthur cut “Handwriting” and “Intern,” which showcase the product’s ability to play a role in everyday life. In “Handwriting,” above, a young girl traces her grandmother’s handwriting on the HP Spectre x360 PC and has it tattooed, while in “Intern,” a hospital intern uses the product to entertain a patient, a visual testament to the versatility that HP offers.

The shorter form spots, cut by Kim Dubé, show off the ability to be creative with the Spectre. From decorating a photo in “Model,” above, to adding text in “Dog” and “Cat,” the spots take a playful and fun tone, as they show off the product’s unique features.

Watch the spots above and check out Andrea’s reel and Kim’s reel.