Welcoming the Chemours Discovery Hub

Yes chemistry is a science, but there is a perceived element of magic involved, no pun intended. When our team at Black Hole were approached by Ogilvy to create a three-minute long animated film for the opening of the Chemours Discovery Hub in Delaware, they certainly worked their artistic magic to fulfill the request.

“Anytime you hear the words ‘fully-animated’ and ‘three-minute long video’, the first question is ‘How long do we have?’ After hearing ‘a month’, we quickly knew that we had to develop strong storyboards and start animating almost immediately,” commented GFX experts Reginald Butler and Andre Sam. “What’s great about these types of jobs is that they allow you to fully act on your creative instinct and leave ‘doubt’ at the elevator door of the 4th floor.”

Considering that the video played at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the center devoted to chemists, and will continue to greet visiting tour groups, Ogilvy provided the team with a few key story beats that highlight significant innovations throughout Chemours’ history as problem-solvers working at the “nexus of customer needs, world-class chemistry, and environmental stewardship”.

“From the moment we presented our storyboards to the agency, they were on board with our creative vision and art direction. They trusted us completely from start to finish to create a visually stunning piece that would hold the audience for three minutes. Their main ask was to implement a mixed-media collage-style piece that integrated type, photo, and slick icon animation. It was refreshing to have the continued artistic support and trust of both the agency and the Client, with each ‘Work-In-Progress’. It’s like they just ‘got us’ from the beginning,” Reginald and Andre added.

Watch the video below and read more about the amazing work being done by Chemours here.